La Reserva
La Reserva

La Reserva

Introducing our exquisite coffee from Finca Bellavista, where Don Moiso Quintero and his son Juancho are producing coffee magic!

This family team embodies the perfect blend of wisdom and passion, combining Moiso's lifelong expertise as a coffee producer with Juancho's youthful energy and culinary background.

Juancho's journey to the farm was not without its twists and turns. It was only when he returned to the countryside five years ago that he truly found his rhythm. As fate would have it, Moiso needed a helping hand, and Juancho longed to spend more time with his father. Leaving the bustling city behind, Juancho immersed himself in the world of coffee, enrolling in courses at the esteemed SENA trade school in Colombia. There, he honed his skills in roasting and brewing, all while embracing the rich heritage of his father's decades-old processing methods.

Nestled in the northernmost section of Valle del Cauca, Finca Bellavista breathes life into the Castillo and Colombia coffee varieties. Drawing inspiration from the unique climate of their 1600-meter above sea level farm, the Quinteros made a bold decision to pursue honeys and naturals, resulting in truly exceptional flavors.


This anaerobic natural processed coffee is super clean and tea-like on the palate, while delivering juicy, berry notes with a sweet rootiness.

Tasting Notes ~ Goji Berry, Root Beer, Lemongrass

Origin ~ Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia, Colombia

Process ~ Anaerobic Natural

Varietal ~ Caturra, Chiroso, & Colombia

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