Genius Bourbon 8oz
Genius Bourbon 8oz

Genius Bourbon 8oz

Yes, another outstanding coffee from El Vergel Estate in Tolima, Colombia. We've gone to the well on this microlot quite a bit and have been blown away every time. Brought to you by our friends at Forest Green Coffee, this Red Bourbon was treated to a carbonic maceration with added lixiviates. Lixiviates, or mosto, are by-products generated during the coffee fermentation process. They are liquids containing a microbial population, including bacteria and yeasts. Utilizing lixiviates in the fermentation process helps to reduce time and enhances the coffee, contributing to highlighting and adding greater complexity to its flavors.

After an 84-hour fermentation in steel tanks with added lixiviates, it undergoes a 35-day drying process with intermittent exposure to the sun, creating a unique profile. Finally, it involves a mechanical drying station and to enhance the overall quality, it rests in grain pro storage for two months.


This is a must-try coffee.

Tasting Notes ~ Red Apple & Cranberry

Origin ~ Tolima, Colombia

Process ~ Carbonic Maceration with Lixiviates

Varietal ~ Red Bourbon

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