Condor Decaf
Condor Decaf
Condor Decaf

Condor Decaf

This coffee is built from part of the projects managed by Forest Coffee, which are constantly changing depending on the time of the year, and is developed by different farmers conforming to the Partner Series. Santander is a north-central region of Colombia and is situated high in the Andes Mountains.

For this coffee, Forest chose the ethyl acetate decaffeination method. This method involves soaking beans in ethyl acetate, a solvent derived from fruits or sugarcane, to bind and remove caffeine. The beans are then steamed to eliminate any residual solvent, ensuring the majority of the original flavor and aroma is retained. The ethyl acetate process is considered more natural and efficient for decaffeinating coffee, preserving its quality and taste.

Origin ~ Santander, Colombia

Process ~ E.A. Sugarcane

Varietal ~ Caturra

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