Ixlama + Aeropress Recipe

 What You'll Need

  • Aeropress Brewer
  • Aeropress Paper Filters
  • Carafe or Mug to brew into
  • Gooseneck Kettle (variable temp preferred)
  • Scale (tenth of a gram capacity)
  • Ixlama coffee ground medium-fine


  • Water to Coffee Ratio: 12:1
  • Water: 200g Water + 100g Water
  • Coffee: 25g



  1. Attach plunger to the edge of the brewing cylinder
  2. Place paper filter in cap and wet filter
  3. Add 25g Ixlama to brewing cylinder
  4. Start your timer and pour 200g water into grounds (pro tip: spin the AeroPress as you pour to help evenly saturate the grinds)
  5. Using the agitation tool or a spoon, stir until timer reaches 50 seconds
  6. Screw on the cap and filter and let coffee sit until 2 minutes and 15 seconds
  7. At 2:15, flip over your AeroPress and set on a carafe or mug
  8. Begin plunging slowly, aiming to complete the plunge around 2:50
  9. Add 100g of fresh water to the finished brew
  10. Sip Pompously
The finished brew should be almost milky on the palate. The AeroPress is great at achieving this round, creamy texture. If the coffee tastes bitter, try grinding coarser. If it tastes sour, try going a bit finer. If it tastes like maraschino cherry and cola, you've found the sweet spot. Happy sipping!