Featured Recipe - La Reserva (single origin coffee)

La Reserva - V60

 What You'll Need

  • V60 Dripper
  • V60 Filters
  • Carafe or Mug to brew into
  • Gooseneck Kettle (variable temp preferred)
  • Scale (tenth of a gram capacity)
  • La Reserva single origin coffee ground medium-fine


  • Water to Coffee Ratio: 15:1
  • Water: 375g
  • Coffee: 25g


  1. Prewet paper filter in V60 and dump water
  2. Heat water in kettle to 201º
  3. Begin with a level bed of coffee in your brew basket
  4. Start your timer and begin pouring in circular motions, from the middle outwards
  5. Finish your first pour (bloom) at 75g and wait until your timer reaches 40 seconds
  6. Pour again in circular motions to 375g
  7. BARISTA TIP: swirl your bed of coffee slightly to help grinds settle to the bottom of the filter
  8. Check for a level bed of coffee in the filter after brewing
  9. Sip Pompously
Shoot for a finish time of 2:30-2:45. If it goes over, try grinding a tad coarser. If it finishes short, try grinder a tad finer. Happy sipping!