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Wilder Lasso
Wilder Lasso

Wilder Lasso

Looking for something on the wild side? This coffee embraces the untamed spirit in all of us. An experimental Mossto Processed coffee from Wilder Lasso of the San Adolfo Mountains in Huila, Colombia. 

The process goes like this: Coffee cherries are sealed in plastic tanks to ferment without oxygen for approximately 72 hours. This fermentation produces Mossto, a concentrated juice with abundant lactic bacteria, yeasts, and sugars. Mossto is used as a starter for the subsequent coffee fermentation batches.

The results are astounding! Wildly juicy, floral, and super clean. This is a must-try coffee.

Origin ~ Huila, Colombia

Process ~ Mossto Fermentation

Varietal ~ Pink Bourbon

Size 8 oz

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