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Pink 120 + Panela Sticky
Pink 120 + Panela Sticky
Pink 120 + Panela Sticky

Pink 120 + Panela Sticky

Buy both coffees together for a promotional price and experience different coffee processes side by side! Free shipping included.

Our "Same Coffee, Different Methods" showcase presents Jose Giraldo of Cafe 1959, a determined coffee producer from Quindio, Colombia. Jose first met Cafe 1959 co-founder, Jimmy Avendano, at a Seattle trade show, where Jimmy candidly advised Jose that his coffee needed improvement. Undeterred, Jose returned home and, with his father, a trained food scientist, began reinventing their crop with new varieties and fermentation methods. They cultivated unique strains like gesha, pink bourbon, wush-wush, and moka, and revamped their existing caturra lots. The result of this journey is the distinctive Panela Sticky coffee, now a highlight of Jose's offerings. Today, with an impressive track record, we can confidently say that Jose produces some of Colombia's finest coffee.


Origin ~ Huila, Colombia

Process ~ Carbonic Maceration Natural, Double Washed Double Anaerobic

Varietal ~ Pink Bourbon

Size 16 oz

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