Panela Sticky
Panela Sticky

Panela Sticky

Our "Same Coffee, Different Methods" showcase presents Jose Giraldo of Cafe 1959, a determined coffee producer from Quindio, Colombia. Jose first met Cafe 1959 co-founder, Jimmy Avendano, at a Seattle trade show, where Jimmy candidly advised Jose that his coffee needed improvement. Undeterred, Jose returned home and, with his father, a trained food scientist, began reinventing their crop with new varieties and fermentation methods. They cultivated unique strains like gesha, pink bourbon, wush-wush, and moka, and revamped their existing caturra lots. The result of this journey is the distinctive Panela Sticky coffee, now a highlight of Jose's offerings. Today, with an impressive track record, we can confidently say that Jose produces some of Colombia's finest coffee.


This Pink Bourbon coffee, grown at the scenic Finca El Diamante in Huila, offers an extraordinary coffee experience. Cherries are carefully picked at their sweetest stage and embark on a nocturnal journey to a fermentation facility in Quindio, where they'll undergo an exhaustive 72-hour fermentation process and a slow, 40-day drying process. The result is a coffee that is sweet, clean, bright, and easy to drink.


Tasting Notes ~ Dried Raspberry & Cardamom

Origin ~ Huila, Colombia

Process ~ Double Washed Double Anaerobic

Varietal ~ Pink Bourbon

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