El Bebedero
El Bebedero
El Bebedero

El Bebedero

Sourced from our friends at Yellow Rooster.

Germán Carranza's farm, El Bebedero, is situated in the scenic village of Gracias a Dios in the Peruvian department of Amazonas. The relationship between Yellow Rooster Coffee importers and Germán and his family began in 2019. Since then, Yellow Rooster Coffee has purchased as much of Germán's coffee as possible. They have observed growth not only in cup scores and quality but also in Germán's role as a visionary leader within his family and community. El Bebedero boasts healthy coffee trees, new processing infrastructure, and ambitious plans for experimental fermentation and expansion.

Peru is often associated with lower quality Fair Trade or washed “blender” coffees. However, it is a diverse landscape with microclimates where producers like Germán Carranza are pushing boundaries and showcasing the true potential of Peruvian coffee. The excitement surrounding future harvests from Germán and his family reflects the promising direction of Peruvian coffee production.

We've roasted this coffee to represent a more classic flavor profile. Notes of toasted pecan, juicy raisin, and a delicately creamy mouthfeel. This makes a wonderful everyday drinker and an exceptional iced coffee.

Origin ~ Amazonas, Peru

Process ~ Washed

Varietal ~ Marsellesa, Bourbon, & Castillo

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